API getting 'GENERIC_DECLINE' error response when actually insufficient funds

I am using the v2 API to create payments in Square. It seems the error codes being sent back aren’t accurate though. I am receiving '‘GENERIC_DECLINE’ where the actual issue is insufficient funds. My client has a lot of customers with low funds, but via the API we get ‘GENERIC_DECLINE’, despite ‘INSUFFICIENT_FUNDS’ being one of the many error codes available according to the documentation. Is there any fix for this?

Thanks for sharing. Can you provide one of the payment_ids so I can take a look at my end?

He, Here are a few examples:

Thanks, I’m seeing the same as you. I’ve passed this along to the Payments team, who think it’s due to how our gateways are surfacing the error. They are looking into it, and I will update this once I have more information.