Square payment api errors GENERIC_DECLINE or card_declined

We get 20% of our payment requests get errors like “GENERIC_DECLINE” or “card_declined”. What is the solution to fix this error?

Generic declines can happen for a variety of reasons: from bank declines to risk blocking the card. Typically we suggest that the customer reach out to their bank to ask for assistance, however since you’re seeing such a high number, feel free to DM me your Square application id with a few example declined payment_ids that have happened recently. I will pass this along to our payments team to see if they can do some digging.

@sjosey How can I DM you? I don’t find any option here.

Followed up via DM, let me know if you have any issues with it. For future reference to anyone else who has issues, simply click on the username (like “sjosey”) and you should see a “Message” button.

I have this same problem on our website. Most times someone tries to complete an order after getting the successful Token Generated, and click on “confirm order” they get this error

Authorization error: ‘GENERIC_DECLINE’

Could you please let me know how to fix it.

Feel free to DM me a payment id and I can take a look. Although as mentioned above typically there’s nothing Square can do about these declines, as they often are declined by the customer’s bank and so we recommend the customer reach out to their bank first.

Hi, Any update on this thread? or reason for this error? we are having the same problem. Many of our requests are failing with “GENERIC_DECLINE” error code but subsequent (3rd or 4th try) the same card is being processed. our ecommerce transactions are suffering because of this. if there is any development/progress on this issue can u please update?

As mentioned above, this typically is not an issue on Square’s side. A “GENERIC_DECLINE” is typically caused by either the customer’s bank or something triggering a risk factor and causing it to be declined. Most of the time, these are real genuine declines. If they’re succeeding after several attempts, are the customers receiving something from their bank (ie asking them if they are actually making this purchase)?

Same issue with me started from Dec 2020. Please post a solution.

Square Payment Failed (Status code GENERIC_DECLINE: Authorization error: ‘GENERIC_DECLINE’) Order status changed from Pending payment to Failed.

As a reminder: there is no real solution, as it’s not an error on Square’s side. Almost all situations we do not have any more information either as the banks do not provide the info, so the customer needs to reach out to their bank. If you would like me take a look at a payment, please post the payment_id(s) here.