All card payments getting GENERIC_DECLINE error

We’ve tested our application on sandbox and everything worked well. But now in production, issuing POST /v2/payments returns a 400 GENERIC_DECLINE errors for absolutely all card payments.

Testing with my card, my bank notifies me that the transaction got authorised, but immedially says it got voided.

Here are the tracking information:

  • payment id: PzcHe8oE6tCRFk1fMpyroogo89TZY
  • card_payment_timeline: {
    “authorized_at”: “2023-03-30T09:36:11.542Z”,
    “voided_at”: “2023-03-30T09:36:11.545Z”

Could we please get some support on this issue?

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. The team is looking into this. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi Bryan,
Thank you for the response. Any progress so far? Our company has to decide whether we are opening cards payments or if we will stop the project and switch back to only wire transfers, knowing how long it will take to fix this might help them with the decision.

I appreciate your help,


It has been 5 days of this problem in production. We honestly expected this to be handled as a high priority issue. The lack of technical support here indicates that Square is definetely not a reliable service provider to take care of such core and sensitive module of our system (i.e., payments).

We are migrating to a different provider.

I’m still working with the team on this, however its a tricky situation since this is a new account and the payment that you provided was from an unsupported region. There are checks in place to prevent bad actors from taking advantage of card networks. A you able to test in our supported regions? :slightly_smiling_face: