Required Steps to Prevent Payment Chargebacks (Deadline 1st June 2021)

I have just received my final reminder for the Required Steps to Prevent Payment Chargebacks. I have been reading up, but I’m not sure I know 100%w what I need to do. Is there a code I need to add to my website or do I need to complete a form on Square website? I would appreciate it if somebody could let me know what I need to do to avoid any payment disruption.
Thank you

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I’ve just had the same email and am panicking! One of my clients has already had their card declined and this has got to be the reason … I have read the SCA overview and see that I need to make some changes (somewhere? where I don’t know) but another layer of complication is I use 17hats for my invoicing and Square is integrated as a card payment option within that. Katie

Have the exact same issue today, the walk through seem to believe a certain level of knowledge with what to do here but I haven’t got a clue what I need to do.

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How is Square helping me prepare for SCA?

Sellers using Square’s products such as Square Online and Invoices do not need to make any changes as the products have been updated to meet SCA requirements. For example, Square will invoke 3D-Secure for online card payments or flag transactions as exempt (e.g. merchant-initiated). No additional updates are required for in-person payment solutions such as Square Point of Sale API or ReaderSDK.

Developers and partners that use Square’s developer products such as Square Payment Form and the Connect V2 APIs must ensure their applications are SCA-compliant to minimize the impact of declined payments.

Using two of these elements together, instead of the traditional approach of using only passwords, helps reduce online fraud. Square will also incorporate other low-friction authentication mechanisms like fingerprint and facial recognition to help increase your conversion rates.

Reading the above I don’t think I need to do anything as I believe I’m using Square online

This is what I thought @jay.mac after I got the first email a few weeks ago … it can’t apply to me! But now I’m not so sure … :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Hi there Square Development team,

We are using Square for WooCommerce on our WordPress website to take payments. What action do we need to take? I have posted a link for the extension we are using Square for WooCommerce

Please advise!!

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Same question here, if using the woo square plugin is that automatically updating to meet this requirement or do we need to do anything on each site using square?

Hi folks,

  1. If you are using Square Online, Square Online Checkout, or Square Invoices, no action is required.
  2. If you are processing Square payments through a third-party app (i.e. 17hats, WooCommerce), no action is required. The app provider will manage SCA compliance updates on your behalf.
  3. If you have built a custom integration on Square’s payment platform (i.e. Square Payment Form, Payment APIs, etc.), you will need to update your integration by June 1st. You can do this by following the steps in this guide.

Thank you kindly, so for me its woocommerce free square plugin so the responsibility falls with them, not sure theyve done anything as yet :thinking:

the WooCommerce plugin is ready with SCA so you should be good to go!

Champion cheers for clearing things up

Thank you for clarifying the situation Steve :+1:

Sorry I’m a complete thick and still done get it.

I have website through square/ weebly that sells products online. I also have a square reader in my shop to take payments and also send square generated invoices to my customers, do I need to do anything?

You are all set! No action required. Square/Weebly and Square invoices were updated by us to support SCA, and this requirement does not apply to the Square reader.

Thank you Steve for your informative response - really appreciate you clearing things up so well! Looks like I have nothing to do, panic over! :wink:

Thank you so much for clarifying I’m not the most techie person so it’s like reading hieroglyphs to me :joy::joy:

As we keep receiving these emails from Square, have Square identified that we aren’t SCA compliant at the moment or are they a blanket email out to all Square users?

We have checked our integration and it appears to use the new SCA compliant flow, but concerned we keep getting these emails. Is there a way to check a received payment for SCA compliance?

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Hi Steve, so will the update be automatic with the Woocommerce plugin or do we need to reinstall the latest version manually?

I think they’re sending them out to anyone with an account on Square. I’ve had several customers contact me asking what they need to do. I know that our app is SCA compliant, so I don’t think they’d done anything to identify customers that aren’t. It’s a bit frustrating for me as these emails are causing a lot of panic and confusion.

Hi folks, we do understand the frustration, and we apologize for the confusion. We’ve adjusted the emails who we would reach out to next time to ensure only developers with applications (and not merchants using applications) will be pinged.

@WeSellAnyBiz Woocommerce specifically already supports SCA, so there’s nothing you need to do. Several other partners already support it as well, and our other partners are in the process of adding in the support, but there should be nothing anyone needs to do regardless in these scenarios.