Activating SCA non-required market

We are having some trouble getting Square to process a payment with 3DS even with necessary tokens passed (payment still posts successfully just not as 3DS), so I would like some confirmation/clarity on the activation process.

. From the 3DS/SCA docs it says:

Square provides a mechanism in Risk Manager to let them opt in for 3DS on a location basis.

Per “location” corresponds to a Square locationId used to instantiate the web SDK, correct?


…3DS cannot be enabled until verifyBuyer has been called by the application at least once
This is referring to payments.verifyBuyer() correct?

The full idea is that we should be able to call payments.verifyBuyer() once or more in our production environment, then we can go into risk manager and set the requisite rules for actually enabling 3DS which will then be used in that environment/ for that locationID going forward? Is this correct?

:wave: That is the correct process. What areas are you having trouble with? :slightly_smiling_face:

Hey Bryan,

The individual who handles our Risk Manager setup tells me they are receiving a message to upgrade our APIS when trying to set 3DS rules. If the setup sounds correct, any other ideas?

What’s your API version set to? :slightly_smiling_face:

Im seeing a message that there is a newer version of Connnect API… could that be causing the issue? API Version says 4 version behind, I dont see a version number

The version number are in dates. Here is our Versioning Overview.

We are on this version: [2021-12-15]
We have another environment with version: 2018-09-18

Do you know if these versions support 3ds? Or where we can find the range of versions that support 3DS enablement?