V2 payments API missing payments for invoices?

I’m currently looking to port an implementation using the v1 payments API to V2.
The V1 payments API returns payments including those for invoices.
The V2 payments API seems to be missing payments on invoices. My example is a manually recorded payment for an e-transfer. In the V1 API it appears as a tender of type “OTHER”.

Should OTHER payment types be appearing in the V2 api? Is this a bug?

Currently the v2/payments API doesn’t include any “cash” or “other” payments. You can find some details about those as Tenders in the Orders API.

We know this is a critical gap, and are working to make sure that all payment types, regardless of source, appear in the v2/payments API

Only reason I’m moving to V2 is because V1 is going away in September. Is that right?
If that’s the case will the V2 API have the cash and other payments before V1 goes away?
I’d rather wait to just port it over instead of implement a second solution for other payment types.

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