Cash Payments Refunds

Since Payments API doesn’t show Cash Payments and Refunds API supporting refunding only payments that are displayed in Payments API.

How can i make Cash Refunds via V2 API?

Unfortunately, for the time being you’ll need to rely on the deprecated Transactions API, CreateRefund endpoint.

Are cash payments planned to come through on the v2 api at some point? I haven’t been able to upgrade much to v2 since all cash payments are missing from queries.

I work with the Payments API team and I know this is something they’re actively planning and working on. There’s no timeline that I can share, but they recognize this is a big and painful gap between the v2/transactions and v2/payments APIs.

Has there been any planning for cash payments coming through on the v2. Thanks!

I know this request is important to you, and we’ve listened. We’re close to launching and are looking for developers to add to our early access alpha which would allow you to create and retrieve cash/external payments using v2/payments. We would love to have you onboard, I’ll DM you with more details.

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I would like to be part of it too if still available

Great, we’re still looking for developers to join our early access program for this feature, I’ll DM you with more details.

Our team is working on an order integration app and create external payment is essential to us.

Please let me know if cash/external payments early access program is still available, we would love to be a part of this program.

Thank you!

Hey Qhong, we’re still looking for developers who would like early access to Cash and External payments, I’ll DM you with more details.

I wanted to highlight that the Payments API now supports creating & reading cash payments now: Update Payment & Cash/External Payments

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