V1 API payments exist but not orders

Our integration is currently using the V1 API to retrieve payments and orders for customers. (We are in the process of migrating to V2 but running into a V1 issue for the time being.) We can successfully make V1 API requests to get back payments data for a customer. However, the V1 orders API returns an empty list. When we make a request for a single order on the V1 API using order ids provided to use by the customer, that 404s. We are looking for the order that corresponds to a payment so we can associate the payment with the order’s shipping address. Can you help me understand why the customer has payments but not orders? Is there a configuration option they may have missed?

The V1 Orders API is a very different entity than the current Orders. They are completely unrelated to orders you find on the Square Dashboard or POS (V2 Orders shows that), and v1 Orders was not heavily used as it was very special circumstances (I’m actually surprised to hear someone still using it!). Can you clarify where you’re getting the order ids to search? I suspect they will only work in V2 Orders API, but it’s only not clear where you’re getting ids to begin with since V1 Payments knows nothing about orders.

The order ids are being provided by the customer from their dashboard. I’m guessing from what you’ve said above these ids are V2 related. It sounds like this will be handled by our migration to V2.