SearchOrder contain EmployeeID?

Square documenation says “The Transactions API ListTransactions response includes cash and other payments which the Payments API ( ListPayments endpoint) does not return. You can retrieve those using the SearchOrders endpoint.”

Does SearchOrders have the employeeid like ListTransactions and ListPayments? I checked the documentation and don’t see it in there. I am trying to pull all of the transaction data to analyze the data. However I only see item, location, and the different breakdown of money. I don’t see who collected the transaction though.

It does not include EmployeeID.

Hi @sanaa.khan, does that mean I need to use the older APIs if I want that transaction data?

Every Transaction creates an Order at the back end and from what I’ve seen Transaction ID is synonymous with Order ID. In that case OrdersAPI would work in your case (as was mine). But lets wait for a Square employee to verify this information. Thanks.

Hi @sanaa.khan, how would that help us though? A transaction/orderid wouldn’t help me find out which employee collected the transaction.

Hey. Sorry I meant use PaymentsAPI as it has EmployeeID and TransactionID/OrderID. So use a combination of both PaymentsAPI and OrdersAPI.

Just to clear up a few things: you’re right, V2 Payments API does not currently return cash transactions. As far as I know Transactions AP, V1 Payments API, nor Orders API returns an employee_id, so unfortunately there’s no way to see the employee_id for a cash payment at this time.

The V1 payments API does contain the employee_id :slight_smile:

My apologies, yes I do see the employee_id in the V1 Payments API, now, whoops.

In the V1 Payments response, it will live under tenders->employee_id, and V1 Payments does show both card and cash payments.

@sanaa.khan PaymentsAPI only has credit card transactions not cash

Thank you @sjosey and Jordan! I think that’s the approach I am going to use. Probably a combination of the APIs to get what I need. Would be nice if it was all together :smiley:

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