Link team members with orders/transactions

Hi, we are working on a KDS solution to integrate with Square POS and we need to get the employee who created the order/transaction. We are creating transactions using Square POS but it seems that the transaction/order does not link to the employee who created it. Is there a way to get the employee who created the order/transaction?

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The V2 Payments API will include an employee_id if applicable. If it’s a cash transaction, then unfortunately the V2 Payments API doesn’t return those currently.

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For cash transactions I see that the transaction_id is returned and not the payment_id, with cash the POS uses the Transactions API, right?

Yep, you can use either V1 Payments (preferred since technically it’s not deprecated yet), or V2 Transactions. However, neither of these options will include the employee_id, even though they do include cash transactions, just to be clear.