How get the employee that created order?

how can i know the employee that created this order or closed it , there is a relation between employees and orders ?

Within a payment response there will be the team_member_id. That ID will be the ID of the team member that processed the payment for the order if they’re correctly using Teams with the passcodes. :slightly_smiling_face:

So I have to retrieve the order, then make another call to retrieve the payment, then make another call to retrieve the employee?

That’s insane. Completely nuts.

What if the order doesn’t have a payment?

If the order doesn’t have a payment then the order isn’t paid for and there won’t be a team member associated with it . :slight_smile:

So if an employee rings up a bunch of items, then cancels the order, that isn’t associated with an employee?

That’s correct. Also the order that they created on the POS won’t be available with the API since all unpaid orders that are created and removed on the POS aren’t available with the API. Only paid orders are available with the API at this time. :slight_smile: