Tying an Order to a Team Member

Hi Everyone,

I am trying to see if we can tie an order to a team member. i.e “What team member captured this order?”

Some of the fields I have gathered from the Orders repsonse.body are:

  • OrderID
  • TransactionID
  • PaymentID

I’ve look at the Order object, both attributes and data types, but can’t figure out how to tie an Order to a Team Member…any help would be greatly appreciated!


Hey @jose.servin! There isn’t an explicit field on the Order object for this currently, but you can the metadata field to associate an order with a team member’s ID.

Got it, thank you @josh-square !

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Not being able to tie line_items on an order to the team member that collected it is a huge pain, especially when trying to report on things like commissions, etc. Is this something coming soon? I can hack it sort of by tying booking_segments and customer_id to certain dates, but it’s pretty messy.

At this time there isn’t a public roadmap for features or future releases. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hey Bryan, thanks for the response. As someone trying to build value on the Square platform this feels kind of dismissive. Is there any possibility of us petitioning for this access? You obviously have it internally if you’re able to offer attribution for sales in the internal reports.

If Square is truly committed to having people like us build on your platform and the “Square Unboxed” movement, it would be helpful to be able to collaborate on items like this!

Clarifying question. Does only one team member build and close the order or do multiple team members get commission on items that make up an order? If it’s one team member you can look to the payment where the team_member_id is.