Customer Data from Order

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I had initially hoped to setup a very quick integration using Zapier, rather than direct API calls as this approach would suite my employer for a variety of reasons.

Unforunately, I’ve discovered that my orders are not providing customer_ids as per the myriad of forum posts and google searches frustratingly querying the issue.

I have setup a basic single product Square Online Site, where the only item available has a buy it now button, straight to checkout and order complete. I have made test purcahses, inputting customer details (Name, Email, etc.) yet these are not available in the Order API response and there appears to be zero reference to a customer object in any way.

I can see within the Square dashboard that these order do infact have customers associated with the transactions. Why, therefore, is this customer data not available from the Order API?

I wouldn’t even mind if I was just returned with a customer_id or some other reference, so I could query the Customers API, but there nada.

Is this a configuration issue with Square settings? It’d be helpful if the documentation could provide the item/transaction/checkout/location configuration required in order to ensure that customer data is provided with order.

From forum reading, it sounds like the API is just unreliable(?), and if so, this is a great weakness.

Additionally, why is the customer facing/ frontend Order Number not available in the Orders API? It feels like it should be really simple to get customer data, order number, date or purchase and just bang it into a Google Sheet, but it’s seemingly very challenging.

I’d really appreciate if anyone can help with any configuration I may need on my products, square site, or any other settings in order to get customer data (even just customer_id) reflected in the Orders API calls.

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Some order_ids for y’all:


Unfortunately, the customer_id isn’t available for $0 orders. If you pay with a card it will be available. Also if you add a fulfillment to the item the collected customer information will be in the order fulfillment object. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hey Bryan,

Aha! I ran an order through for a penny and the customer and order details have populated the JSON data. Fantastic, thank you for this advice.

I presume that this data lacking on £0.00 products is to avoid the platform being used in scenarios where no revenue is generated for Square?

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Glad to hear its working as expected. You are correct, when we move the funds we have more information about the customer and are able to create a profile. :slightly_smiling_face: