Not Importing Customer Data from Order Made in Magento 2.3.5-p2

Fresh install of the Square Exentsion on Magento and running into the following issue:

  1. The customer data does not import with the transaction when the order is completed on our Magento website. When looking under the transaction tab we see the order # and the amount paid, but it does not have an associated customer name with it. I have enabled customer sync in the options on the admin panel in Magento. Any tips?

  2. The option for saving credit cards is missing from checkout. We do lots of rentals so it’s important we have the ability to save credit cards should equipment “go missing”.

Thank you

So it imports the customer data to the Orders tab but for some reason it does not create a customer profile.

Do you have the order_id? :slightly_smiling_face:

The order ID from Magento? I have the “Square Order” located on the main page when viewing the order on the backend on Magento. The “Orders” page on Square simply lists the “atozOnlineStore”

No I’ll need the Square generated order_id. It’ll look like this: 6tlCOaZzmhcIvrdYxrM6lxhqTRfZY


Looks like there isn’t a customer_id in either the payment or the order and that’s why there isn’t a customer associated to the payment. Is your Magento integration creating a customer and passing in the generated customer_id to the CreateOrder call prior to the payment being made? :slightly_smiling_face:

So it works fine if the customer has had a previous transaction with us but not if it’s their first time checking out on the website. We are using the Magento app available from the Magneto store. How would we ensure during the initial transaction with the customer, the information comes over properly? Any settings to tweak?

Have you checked the Magento User Guides? :slightly_smiling_face: