V2 List Payments API Tenders

Hello! I’m trying to migrate to the v2 Payments API. In particular List Payments route GET v2/payments. It appears that only credit payment types are returned. I dug around in the forums a bit and saw that initially other payment types like cash and other were not available in the v2 Payments API. It looks like there was an update in March 2021 that gave some availability to those tenders: Update Payment & Cash/External Payments. However, I don’t see any update to the List Payments route. Does anyone know if this is now available? If it is, do I need to use a different parameter or different route? Thanks for any help you can give!

:wave: What’s the Square API version you’re using? You’ll need to be calling ListPayments with version 2021-03-17 or newer to get all the tenders with the Payments API. :slightly_smiling_face:

Ah, that would be the issue. The app is on 2020-06-25. Thank you so much!