Unable to setup Sandbox Loyalty Program

Hi all,

I am running into issues setting up a loyalty program in by default sandbox dashboard. The first issue I see is when I initially click on the “Loyalty” nav link. I am greeted with the message:

“Oh no, something went wrong.
It looks like we are experiencing some problems on our end.”

In the console I see this error: Error while processing route: customers.rewards.get-started Cannot read property ‘defaultPlanToken’ of undefined TypeError: Cannot read property ‘defaultPlanToken’ of undefined

If I click around the dashboard (i.e. Home -> Loyalty), it loads the create loyalty “stepper” and I am able to fill out all the details except for the last step (Subscribe). The page only renders a “Started at: N/A” text and a “Continue” button. This does not match some screenshots I have seen. When I click the “Continue” button a spinner overlay is shown which I can dismiss by clicking anywhere on the page (nothing is actually happening). In the console I see there is a 404 error for the following endpoint: https://squareupsandbox.com/api/v3/subscriptions/external/GetPricingInfo

This might not be the right place to post this, might need to put in a support ticket. However I thought others might be having a similar issue and it seems that @sjosey might have some guidance.


Hi @kfessenden welcome to the forums!

Sorry to hear that. Would you be able to share your Square sandbox app id and I can take a look to see what might be going on?

Thanks Stephen!

My Square sandbox app id is:

Thanks again for your help,

Im having the exact same problem.
My Square sandbox app id is: sandbox-sq0idb-reqex23X88z7u1Fa0LDHYw
This is the error from the console:
Failed to load /api/v3/subscriptions/external/GetPricingInfo:1 resource: the server responded with a status of 404 ()

Thanks folks, I’ve escalated this to our Loyalty team and will follow up once I have more information.

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Just checking on a possible status update. This is a blocker for my application development.


Apologies for the delay here. Just got word as of yesterday evening the issue should be resolved and you should be able to create a sandbox Loyalty account. Let me know if you’re still not able to of course.

Awesome Stephen! Thank you so much for you help. I can confirm that I was able to create a sandbox Loyalty account.

Thanks again,

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