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I have run into an obstacle with the Square Sandbox: when I click on Loyalty, I am taken to the setup page for Square Loyalty, including setting point values, an initial reward system, etc. At the end, it asks for a credit card to begin a free trial. My understanding from the Loyalty Announcement page is that I shouldn’t need to set this up in the Sandbox to start testing. Am I incorrect? Is there a way to avoid setting up a payment card, but still test with the Loyalty GUI in the sandbox?

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Hi @pbzeg, welcome to the forums!

I believe it does this to mimic the production one. Note that you will not be charged in sandbox, but to be safe, you can enter the generic “4111…” credit card number with whatever for CVV, expiration date, and postal, and it should go through successfully.

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Thank you @sjosey,

This is great! I did not know there were generic test credit card numbers. Thank you again,

Peter Zeglen

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