Loyalty API /loyalty/accounts/search returning Internal Server Error

I got the following error when using the /loyalty/accounts/search endpoint: An internal error has occurred, and the API was unable to service your request.

I was using the phone number +12125551111, and the associated order number is Vxa5lRnDIHOiLDMUkAk2ufyDKUEZY. I’m not able to reproduce the error using the API explorer. Have there been issues with the Loyalty API today?

UPDATE: I was able to reproduce the error. It failed on the first attempt and succeeded on a subsequent attempt. This time in the sandbox environment.

Can you please share your Square application id? I’ve been unable to replicate this on my own account so far.

Thanks @sjosey. I just had it again in the sandbox environment with a different phone number. A subsequent request was successful with the same data. The sandbox application id is sandbox-sq0idb-NpT7hhU92fIF2OeEgtozxA and production is sq0idp-mtW6FLMC5GPLXz6-dbeZbg

Thanks for the info. Could it be possible you’re using a different application? The last time I see the sandbox calling SearchLoyaltyAccounts was about 9 hours ago and they were all successful responses. I do not see any calls to SearchLoyaltyAccounts with that production application id in the last few days.

Thanks @sjosey. Those are the only application ids I have. One of the calls to /loyalty/accounts/search 9 hours ago did fail. It was at 15:43:58 UTC. You don’t see that one? It would have been using the production application id.

I’m making these calls through a proxy server which isn’t using the application id. I think those earlier calls you’re seeing are from when I was making a call to my proxy server from inside the square payment form. I’m no longer doing that. These more recent calls would be associated with my access token though, right?

UPDATE: I continue to experience this issue. The first call to /loyalty/accounts/search hangs or fails, and a subsequent call with the same payload succeeds, as if the API has to warm up.

I checked in with our Loyalty team who owns this API and they also do not see any errors around this. We did have a brief outage yesterday around 7:56 am PST, but it was resolved by 8am. I do not see any 500 errors (for any applications) since that time for this endpoint.

I did find more logs for your sandbox application id, but not seeing any errors. I do see several successful calls to SearchLoyaltyAccounts this morning for your sandbox application id.

Yeah, this morning’s issue just hung and didn’t fail. You don’t see the one from yesterday at 15:43:58 UTC (which is right around the time of the outage you mentioned) on the production application id or access token? I have a log of that one. Good to know that there was indeed an outage around that time, and hopefully my issue was a result of it.