Internal server error on calling createLoyaltyReward

After updating square SDK, We are getting this error when calling createLoyaltyReward:
{“errors”: [{“code”: “INTERNAL_SERVER_ERROR”,“detail”: “An internal error has occurred when processing.”,“category”: “API_ERROR”}]}

squareVersion: 2020-07-22 (com.squareup:square:

Request payload is:

Hey @roohi thanks for reporting this (and welcome to the forums)!

Internally I see it’s because this loyalty reward tier has no items on it. When I look at the merchant’s account, it actually reports this error on the dashboard (showing what items have been deleted). Unfortunately the merchant would need to login to their Square Dashboard and add items to the reward tier to prevent this error. With that said, I’ve escalated to our Loyalty API team to make this report a better error to clients.

Thank you for your help.
We have this for another restaurant as well. Does this also have a problem with the reward tier definition?


I see a successful status 200 for the last one, as of about 7 minutes, and it was a 400 (not 500) before. Were you able to get it working?