The webhhok event seems not being sent

The merchant’s location id is LWMFFKW3SF9HB and they granted our application sq0idp-kiYYEl1fScI9GkA8gGoJbw permissions by Oauth. But we could not get any order.updated event with location LWMFFKW3SF9HB on our endpoint. Can you please check what was going on for us?
If our app did sent the webhook event, can you provide one with its id and timestamp?

Responded in Slack, but following up here to close the loop:

Just heard back. It looks like there wasn’t a subscription at the time that any orders were created. I see order.updated was created for this location as 2021-01-04 21:04:03 , whereas the only order events at the time were around 2021-01-04 20:01:26 (so about an hour before the subscription was created).
Are you still seeing issues with not receiving webhooks for this locations? If so, do you have another order in question that was created? I had only seen one when I was looking through the logs