New webhook endpoint under the same Square Application doesn't receive the event


Our square application sq0idp-kiYYEl1fScI9GkA8gGoJbw has an endpoint which works well. However, when I add a new endpoint with order,updated event, it doesn’t receive the same event as 1st endpoint does.

For example, the 1st endpoint can receive the order.updated event d982efae-e6a8-3756-8002-b80bb2bec5a1 from merchant MLW069Z9R34NV, but I cannot find the similar event log on 2nd end point. Actually all the event from merchant MLW069Z9R34NV are missing.

Please check what’s the issue behind it.

Were looking into the the issue of why it’s not showing in the API logs, but we see in our internal logs that we did send the event and the server responded with 5xx. :slight_smile:

It’s a logic that doesn’t handle the webhook event properly, now it’s been fixed. But the 2nd endpoint still unable to receive the events from merchants: MLW069Z9R34NV, location: LE47XRZKH35SQ.

I see events for that merchant arriving in the API Logs. What events didn’t arrive? :slight_smile:

I paid another order on merchant: MLW069Z9R34NV , location: LE47XRZKH35SQ around 2023-09-12T15:29:07Z, but I cannot find the order.updated event arriving the endpoint on Square developer dashboard.

The event only arrives the another endpoint:

Order id:


We still unable to get the specific order.updated event on the new endpoint, any thought?

It’s been resolved by Square adjustment, thank you.