Square didn't send the expected order.updated event when online order completed successfully

We use google cloud function as endpoint for receiving the Sqaure V2 webhook event: order.updated. We checked the log of cloud function, but found it didn’t receive the order.updated event. It must not our bug since the cloud function was not even invoked, while at the same time, other online orders invoked it successfully.

No matter how, at least the Square webhook should retry sending events. We didn’t see any retry log as well. It looks like Square(or Weebly) didn’t send it.

I hope your developer can check it for us, because the stability of Square webhook really matters to our business!

The Order Source is: ‘Online Store 190174270’
The time(CDT) is: Aug 1, 2020, 7.18pm
The application ID is: sq0idp-VRrzPhjv1BfHcpJMTg_byg

Let me know if you want more credential information to locate the log.

Thanks for providing all that information. Could you also provide the order_id as that would greatly help us digging into this particular issue?

The receipt id is: Rg4k3SdcuqsLNj6FKDfxQuOTs1OZY.

I checked with our Orders team, and it seems like there was an issue on our side yesterday that caused webhooks to get stuck. They did eventually get sent out, but it was like 18 hours after it was created. It should not happen again, the issue was resolved on our side as far as I can tell. Thanks for reporting, though!

You mean the day before yesterday? Because it happened on 8.1.

Sorry, yes the day before yesterday (8/1). The issue wasn’t resolved until 18 hours later (on 8/2, yesterday), though.

Thanks for your reply!