Strange result with GET payment

I found a strange response using the GET payment that I’m not certain is intentional or not. Using [squareApiURL]/v2/payments/[TransactionID], I found it that if [TransactionID] is empty then the request appears to change from a single payment response to all payments. To me, I was expecting the trailing “/[empty]” would still indicate single transaction request, albeit a not found response.

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Take Payments
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The behavior you’re observing is expected. When you make a GET request to the /v2/payments endpoint without specifying a payment ID, the API assumes you’re trying to list all payments. If you want to retrieve a specific payment, you need to provide a valid payment ID. If the payment ID is not provided or is empty, the API defaults to listing all payments. If you’re trying to retrieve a specific payment and the payment ID is not known or is incorrect, the API will not be able to find the payment and will return a NOT_FOUND error.

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Ok. I had code in place for a NOT_FOUND response, but it was not expecting the all payments response. There was a strange condition in my app where the transaction_id could be empty and this code got confused.