The retrieve payment response is incorrect when Square has multiple services issues

We have a webhook subscribes to the order updated event, it will retrieve related payment data by Retrieve Payment API. Although most of the time it works fine, when Square reports [Multiple Services Disruption], we may see some payment response is incorrect, our log shows that the response doesn’t have total_money and has the total amount on the property: tip_money. If we check it later, it will return normal data, but we don’t know when would it happen.
It causes some dirty data in our system. Can you fix it?

payment id: lsnbtxPITijexSW4YaOOmUH2gpOZY
date: 2023-09-28T18:49:39.387Z

Do you have the Square API log that shows the malformed body? All the logs that I checked with your application shows the response body correct. :slightly_smiling_face: