Square Web-Payments SDK and Laravel 10 Intergration

Good evening,

I am a little confused as to which Square Payments API I should be using with Square Web-Payments SDK. All the YouTube videos seem to have different versions. V1 being depreciated should I be uising version 2

Thanks in advance

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Versioning in Square APIs
Versioning in Square APIs
Migrate from Transactions API

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The client side Web Payments SDK you’ll want to use the latest version which is v1 for the SDK. For the APIs you’ll definitely use the v2 Payments API which is the our supported API for processing payment. Our previous v1 Payments API is fully retired now. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi Bryan, thanks for the response, That helps a lot. If myunderstanding is right I need both to take payments. The Web-payment SDK talfs to the Payments API V2.
Thanks in advance.

Yes, that is correct. You will use both to take payments. :slightly_smiling_face: