Web Payments SDK

Web Payments SDK is now available and unlocks ACH bank payment support in beta! Build an enhanced, fully-customized online payment experience and enable flexible payment methods like ACH bank payments. The SDK replaces SqPaymentForm (now deprecated) and all developers will need to migrate with a few simple front end updates (no backend changes are required). Check out the Web Payments SDK documentation for more, and feel free to ask us questions here!


When will SqPaymentForm no longer be supported?

SqPaymentForm was deprecated on May 13, 2021 and should be supported at least 12 months before permanent retirement. For more deprecation details, see the Square API Lifecycle.

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I was just about to upgrade a site using SqPaymentForm to include SCA but can’t find the code I’d previosuly reviewed. Is this still an option and if so where can I find the code?

I’d prefer to get SCA working on the production site while evaluating the new Web Payements in sandbox when my time permits.

Hi @DigitalAlchemist you can find the deprecated docs here: Strong Customer Authentication Overview (it’s under “Payments” → “Deprecated SDKs” → “Payment Form”). Please let me know if you have additional questions or concerns!

Thank you @sjosey I’d previousy found that page and the Next Steps at the bottom of the page take you to

which provides code to implement SCA with the new Web Payments and not SqPaymentForm.

@skipper could you take a look at a question I posted yesterday?

I’d appreciate any feedback.


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Hello! Experiencing this same exact issue @Knowtifyd is using Angular 9. Interestingly, Apple Pay and CC payments are working just fine and implemented near identically. Can you provide some guidance?

Hi @rbaron91, this is likely a name collision and was resolved in this Form post. :slightly_smiling_face:

Oops! That page doesn’t exist or is private.


Sorry about that. This is likely a name collision, and if you have any variables named google , it would cause google.payments to be undefined. Do you have any other variables named google?

Thanks @Bryan-Square. I don’t generate any variables with “google” as the name on my end so on a hunch I commented out all the Google Tag Manager/Google Analytics boilerplate/setup in my index.html and that fixed it - looks like GTM creates a global variable name google.

This is obviously not a real solution - might be something worth looking into for your team. Would be happy to share some snippets if that’s helpful