If I don't update the API version I'm using, will I still be able to use the old API functions?

If I don’t update the API version I’m using, will I still be able to use the old API functions?
Specifically, this API is marked deprecated, but will I be able to use it if I set an older API version?

:wave: Currently the SqPaymentForm is deprecated. The form itself isn’t versioned and will still work with our API versions. We don’t recommend building an integration that uses the SqPaymentForm since it is deprecated and we will be retiring it. If your using an integration that is using the SqPaymentForm we encourage you to migrate to Web Payments SDK. :slightly_smiling_face:

If it is deprecated, will it no longer work with older API versions?

With deprecated developer tools Bug fixes are limited and no new functionality is added.

APIs are deprecated as the first stage toward retirement. They are typically deprecated at least 12 months before permanent retirement.

Deprecated functionality remains publicly available and fully supported, but its use is strongly discouraged for all applications, regardless of the Square-Version provided with API calls. You are discouraged from building new solutions with deprecated APIs. On deprecation, you should plan on updating existing applications that depend on the deprecated APIs.

HI, I received an email to update the form.
i cant seem to work out where i need to do it, (if i need to do it)
these are the options i have on the website i use. :

Follow this help on Square integration. Each screenshot step # shown below in bold red.
step #2 Settings:
select this in Square dashboard
step #3 Application ID:
step #4 Personal Access Token:
change or delete
step #8 Location ID:
step #10 Apple Pay Verification:
Uploaded this file on 2020-06-29 10:33:22 GMT (20 months ago); tick to delete
No file chosen optional (replaces existing file)
step #11 Business Name:

:wave: Was this an email from Square or was it from the developer of your integration? :slightly_smiling_face: