how to migrate sqpaymentform to the web payments sdk

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Hello Bryan,
I have received an email from Square … SqPaymentForm JavaScript library will be retired on 2022/07/21 and its functionality will be shut off. SqPaymentForm has been replaced by the Web Payments SDK and we encourage you to migrate as soon as possible by following this step-by-step [migration guide]" . I am not a programmer and I have no any knowledge in coding. I cannot follow the migration guide to do some coding. What I should do next? Thanks

:wave: Who built the integration that you’re using today to process payments? Is it a custom build or is it one of our partners integrations? :slightly_smiling_face:

The current square payment extension is integrated in Open Cart which I used it to build my website. What I should do next? Thanks !!!

Okay, perfect! The migration is something that OpenCart will need to do since you’re using their integration. I’d recommend reaching out to them to make sure your all set. They are a supported partner and will make sure you get on the Web Payments SDK if your not already. :slightly_smiling_face: