Square Dashboard - Services Charges Report

Can anyone provide any insight as to why my Square account has access to a Service Charges report but one of my users does not have this in their Square account? See attached screenshot. I’m not sure the reason why this is, it does seem like the merchant has also made transactions with our app which has the option for service charges (which shows up in this repot in my Square account).

Hi @onajartm,

Are you subscribed to Square Restaurants? You may have additional reports depending on what you are subscribed too.

Hi Bryan,

That was my original thoughts, however I went on a second Square account which I don’t believe has any subscribed Square products, and I do have the service charges report. Is there any way to check what Square products each account has? I went to https://squareup.com/dashboard/account/pricing and this particular Square account used to have Square for Restaurants but does not have it subscribed anymore. Is it possible that that’s the reason a service charges report shows up, even though I’m no longer subscribed?

You are looking in the right place for subscriptions. Yes, if you were previously subscribed the reporting for that product would still show if you are no longer subscribed.

Thanks Bryan, that helps!