It's not reflected in the transaction

I have confirmed in API Explorer that two subscriptions were opened on March 9.
However, the subscriptions do not show up in square data’s transaction records.
The subscriptions do not have a free period.
The subscription is ACTIVE and has a card_id and paid_until_date.
Why isn’t my account listed in square data transaction records?

Hi @koutaku,

Would you mind providing your application_id and the subscription_id's that didn’t charge?

Its subscription_id
“id”: “dc17d281-fd29-406e-8bbb-0ede173ebfa4”,
“id”: “7b5b4e24-9ae0-4909-ae44-f3df25d18a7a”,
“id”: “188186af-21b2-412a-ab90-ebd2176f4c0d”,


The same thing is happening to this subscription_id.
“id”: “49682e38-7835-4693-9f3a-5720675a614d”,

The square data seems to indicate that the payment is pending.
Why is the payment pending even though the card_id is registered?

It looks like for those above subscriptions, the card on file that was provided failed to take the payment (they were declined). You can see if the invoice has successfully been paid for by retrieving the subscription, then retrieving the associated invoice, and checking the status of the invoice. In the case of: dc17d281-fd29-406e-8bbb-0ede173ebfa4, it has an invoice of inv:0-ChCfd2XPZyWUOLWjJVC1pbmpEN4C which has a status of UNPAID.

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