Special instructions for an item to be printed on the KDS ticket

Hey Square,

When I place a new order (POST /v2/orders), how can I pass special instructions for a particular item to be printed on the KDS ticket?

In our app, guests may type special instructions such as “Please no cheese” for a specific item, and it should be optimal to show these instructions on the KDS ticket under that item name.

Thanks in advance

You can add it the details as an OrderLineItem note. Is the KDS your using the Square KDS? I’m not 100% sure they’ll show in the KDS but I can check. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi Bryan, thank you for the quick response.

Yes, we are planning to use Square KDS. Actually, we don’t have one right now (I’m still working in the sandbox) but we’re ordering a new one for testing purposes in the next week or so.

If you could check if the note will be able to be shown on the KDS it will be very useful for us, thank you!

Moreover, If we connect a printer to the KDS can the note be printed on the printer tickets too? If so, can you recommend a specific printer that can enable this feature?

I can confirm that the item level note will show on the KDS. I don’t have a printer to test with but I believe it will also be included on the ticket when printed. :slightly_smiling_face: