Full features please

It would be very helpful to have access to all data that is actually available. Transactions on the dashboard provide all the ticket information such as here, go, name.

Orders dashboard provides delivery info and customer info we cannot reach. I am trying to make a kds for my business, but all of this data is needed.

Just give reciept access and I can even pull them to my database and match them up. It would be a start.

Is there a better way to access the data outside the php sdk? I normally use php and database locally, so I don’t do a lot of outside requests. Is there a demo app or example of how to direct request outside of the sdk?

I believe there is a way to get all data white listed if we don’t get it from the sdk calls? Any possible way to get more data and I will make it happen. I just need to know where to start and a small nudge going.

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I converted my code to curl requests. Not sure if there is a way to get access to more data that way. Following up though, how do reciept printers get the info? Fresh kds functions as a printer to get ticket into via wifi. Could I possibly get ticket info from an android app used as a printer or is there a way to sent print request to a site event?

There’s no way to get some of that information at this time, as you pointed out, unfortunately. Regarding printer information: I believe Fresh KDS built out their own functionality to actually talk to/retrieve from the printers themselves; i.e this is not Square functionality, but their own functionality which they built out and do not publicly share as far as I know.