API access for tickets

Hello, we have a few customers who are currently using stripe’s point of sale system. They use tickets for in house orders which we cannot access through the API currently. We’d like the ability to create, view, and close tickets.


+1 on this request. We need this as well.

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Do you mean Square? :slight_smile:
Just want to clarify so I understand the use case! Are you using Stripe for online payment and Square in-person? What kind of businesses is it and can you describe the buyer experience?

Yes sorry square. We’re using stripe for our payment processor and our business need is that we allow customers to open a tab from their phone, view it as they order, then pay from their phone when they leave or automatically closes by the establishment. We have everything we need except for tickets, we misunderstood that orders are different than tickets which seems the only thing not available in square

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This is a fundamental part of the Restaraunt Processing of Square and needs to be addressed ASAP.

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Couldn’t agree more. It’s ridiculous this hasn’t been added yet.

Does anyone have an update as to when this will appear in the API?

Agree on this. My use-case is for multiple coffee shops/restaurants when they open “tabs” for customers. It would be nice to access the ticketing via the API & ideally a webhook when the ticket is updated.

Any update on this?
I need to access created tickets.

I think not get resolved?

+1 on this. Major missing feature for my clients

It has been more than one year since this request. Is there any workaround available? This is really a show-stopper and if there is no workaround, I’m probably going to have to advise my client to use a platform other than Square.

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Is there any update on this? We would like to see tickets come in real-time for our scenarios. Having APIs to fetch tickets and get webhook events for it will be great

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Can we get webhook or API access for open tickets created on Square POS?
I saw Square KDS or Fresh KDS (3rd party app) can shows the Tickets created on Square POS, so i believe there will be a way to get those events and data.

Just posted in the other thread but the same holds true. Open tickets on the POS aren’t currently accessible via API or webhooks. :slightly_smiling_face:

Is this ever going to change? Square KDS is not a realistic solution (is anyone anywhere using it?) and building our custom in-house expediting and live inventory apps is the only alternative to switching away from square at this point.

At this time programmatically accessing open tickets still isn’t available. We hope to have more in the future. :slightly_smiling_face:

Well this explains it, I just ran into this trying to build a Gravity form that will just “start” an open ticket. We have a food truck and we want factory workers to pre-order the night before and start their ticket so the next morning we can add the items and send it to the kitchen like a phone order. The farthest we got so far was to just get the “customer” created which is a start, but adding the open ticket with some basic information would save another bit of time. Hard to believe there’s no API for that available after 3 years.

Just adding that if a Tickets API ever comes into being, it would also be great to be able to POST open tickets as well.

I sell tickets myself.
Here’s how I pull it off.

Use the orders API to create Line items and name each line item as a ticket then if the number of tickets are small enough you can add the ticket names in the note field of the payments API so when the order is paid you can search for the names of the tickets in the dashboard. I think the note parameter allows for over 500 characters so you’ll get enough space for ticket names if there are only a few per order.