Pay At Table Functionality

Hello, Kevin here from Ready -
We offer both Order and Pay At Table functionality through the guest’s device via webb (no app) by scanning a QR, or tapping an NFC target. We are in the process of developing both experiences on Square for Restaurants. We have all the API’s needed for Order, but requesting functionality for Pay at Table. Specifically:
Endpoints required for pay at the table / order to table:

  • Get list of tables
  • Get all open checks on a table
  • Do a price check for an order
  • Add a payment (tender) to an open check
  • Add a discount to an open check
  • Create a check on a table (place an order)

Webhooks required for pay at the table:

  • check created
  • check updated
  • check closed

Hoping someone can point us in the right direction.

Hi @Kevin-Ready welcome to the forums, and thank you for the feedback.

Pretty much all of these items would currently be feature requests, unfortunately. We do not have any APIs around Square for Restaurants at all for this time, so there’s no way to get any sort of table information. The APIs also cannot retrieve (and likewise edit) open tickets (checks) that you can create in the POS, which is a popular feature request.

Appreciate the response!

@sjosey Do you have any updates as to when we can expect these features, especially considering that they are a popular request? Would love to utilize them for a standalone timer feature I needed to build since that is also missing from Square at the moment.