SCA, Opencart and iSenseLabs Extension

What’s the status on SCA support for the the official Square extension for OpenCart? It’s written by iSenseLabs, presumably funded by Square. iSenseLabs seem to be in denial: “We haven’t receive an update on this topic from Square yet”

If SCA support isn’t forthcoming, ourselves and many others will eventually be forced to use another payment provider for which there’s support for a SCA compliant plugin. More on SCA and the December 2020 deadline.



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OpenCart creates their own integration, so it’s up to them to update their integration to include SCA functionality. As far as I’m aware, Square informed all of our partners about this when SCA was released within Square, which was June 2019, so I’m not clear on why OpenCart is saying they’re not aware of it.

I’ll follow-up with our internal partnerships team to find out why OpenCart is replying with that information, as it seems to be inaccurate as far as I know. I’ll let you know once I have more information.

I was informed by our partnerships team that OpenCart should already support SCA.

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Opencart does not create their own integration. Opencart does not already support SCA. There are 3 parties: Opencart, iSenseLabs (your official plugin developer) and yourselves. In the past, I believe Square commissioned iSenseLabs to create the plugin. They haven’t updated it to support SCA. While the Square API supports SCA, the official plugin doesn’t.



For anyone reading this who wants to know what happened, the answer is nothing happened. The Opencart web page now says “Square has begun rolling out the SCA compliant flow with 3D-Secure 2 (3DS2) as of 1st January 2021 Transactions are now been declined according to Square as the module does not conform”.

We gave up and now use a different payment provider that also begins with the letter ‘S’. It’s a shame as Square was otherwise a trouble free payment provider.

It seems that Square commissioned iSenseLabs to create the plugin but not to maintain it.

Apologies for the miscommunication from before. I’ve followed up with our current OpenCart partner manager who has informed me that SCA is not currently implemented but is actively being worked on. With that said, the SCA enforcement date is still September 14th, 2021, and the switchover will happen before then, so there should not be a lot of declines at this time. The quote that you referenced seems to be a comment from an individual, rather than part of the actual OpenCart page, so that does not seem fully correct to be clear.

I apologize for any confusion I caused in my previous comments.

SCA is already active as of January 1, 2021 and depends on the country. In the UK it’s September 14, 2021. Here’s is rollout across different countries:

If you accept European payments then you already need to support SCA in order to not have some payments fail.

Right, sorry, I just meant that Square is currently only supported in the UK in the EU, so we’re not supported in those other countries at this time. As far as I understand it, both the merchant and customer would need to be present in the country to have the enforcement.