2019-06-12 Changelog

Connect v2
Catalog API
Inventory API
Locations API
Orders API
Transactions API
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Version summary

  • Square Version: 2019-06-12
  • .NET: 2.19.0
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  • New product: v2 Webhooks
    • Configure and subscribe to webhooks directly from the Application Dashboard.
    • Support is currently limited to the Inventory API, which supports notifications whenever the quantity of an inventory item is changed.
  • BETA releases:
    • Orders API: supports service charges with a new field and datatype.
    • Catalog API: supports measurement units for item variation quantities with a new field and datatype.
  • New functionality: Order entities — now include a source field that contains details on where the order originated.
  • Improved functionality: ListLocations — Expanded business information available through the Locations API, including business hours, contact email, social media handles, and longitude/latitude for physical locations.
  • New field in Transactions API Charge request body Added the verification_token field to the body of the Charge request for sending the string token returned by the SqPaymentForm.verifyBuyer function in support of Strong Customer Authentication.