Sale doesn't contain tax catalog_object_id


One of your customers faced an issue with tax catalog_object_id not being synced. I asked them if they use Square Online/Weebly or other integration that calculate taxes dynamically, and they answered negatively.

I assume that the customer uses Register POS, which doesn’t allow creating ad-hoc taxes. Therefore, could you answer why order with id cC3MLaKO7GIcAkx4cFUo7mteV doesn’t contain a reference to the tax catalogue?

I also checked their taxes, and they even don’t have any taxes with a 9,1% rate which is peculiar.

Thanks, and have a good day :slight_smile:


I’ve received information that the issue has been escalated and resolved outside of this thread. Unfortunately, when we retrieved the data again, there is still no catalog_object_id in some of the orders. Let’s take this one for example KnYp93cJxdavpt36LK9FqJ2eV. There is an order that contains a 9.06% tax, and there is still no reference to a tax catalogue. Also, I retrieved cC3MLaKO7GIcAkx4cFUo7mteV once again, and there is no change also. Therefore, could you please take a look once again?