Square POS refunded sale - missing tax catalog_object_id


Our customer faced an issue with the missing tax catalog_object_id of the refunded order. I checked the associated sales order if it’s using the same tax or not, and the answer is - yes. But for some reason, the reference to the catalogue tax was present only in the sales order but not in the refund order. Moreover, the refund was issued a few minutes after the sales order had been placed, which should eliminate API differences.

Could you please check those two orders? And what caused them to lose reference to the tax catalogue?

  • 0zMZ7TnIrGxR6ULeZI89ZWqeV (sale order)
  • QTx9GVNjsO9AgKI5hrUzVKqeV (refund order)

Thanks :slight_smile:

Is there any update regarding this ticket?

To give you more insights into the problem, I’m also sending the payload and the screenshot describing the problematic relation. On top of that, the customer is saying that they were using only Register POS. Therefore I want to ask, how it is possible that the refunded order doesn’t contain a reference to the catalogue tax when its sale counterpart does?

I hope you will find that information being useful.

:wave: Sorry for the delay. The team is looking into this. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi, is there any update regarding this ticket?


This has been fixed and is now reporting correctly. :slightly_smiling_face: