Refund From Square POS

I am doing a refund from Square POS. I want to keep the developer account fee as it is and deduct it from the seller’s account. How I will handle this?

If you refund from the Square app the app_fee_money collected won’t get pulled from the developer account and the seller would cover the fee refunded to the customer. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi @Bryan-Square, Thank you for your reply. We have tried according to your info but it is not helping. We performed a refund on Square POS Dashboard and it deducted the app_fee_money from the developer account. Maybe it is because we have the same square developer and seller account. Can you please guide me here? Thanks!

Is the account all under the same email address or are these two separate Square accounts?

Yes, both are under the same email address.

That would be the correct behavior then since you are both the seller and the app developer. The seller is entirely responsible for the refund and since you are both you would have to cover the fee collected.

If you collect a fee from a completely separate seller account and then refund that payment the separate seller account is responsible for the fee and they would have to cover the amount for the refund while you keep your fee. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi @Bryan-Square ,

I’m assisting with the testing regarding refunds originating from the Square POS. We are continuing to see the app_fee_money deducted from the developer account. The screenshot attached shows a refund that was conducted from an outside merchant account on the Square dashboard. You can see the $1.80 app fee has been deducted. Could you please guide us through a solution here?

Do you have the payment_id for this payment so we can take a look? :slightly_smiling_face:

Payment_id: Dz1ySaQbLkNPslaMC5qiJUN7PuNZY

You’ll find them full dataset below for this order:

*{“payment”: {“id”: “Dz1ySaQbLkNPslaMC5qiJUN7PuNZY”,“created_at”: “2021-11-01T13:57:08.517Z”,“updated_at”: “2021-11-01T13:57:09.283Z”,“amount_money”: {“amount”: 2177,“currency”: “USD”},“app_fee_money”: {“amount”: 180,“currency”: “USD”},“status”: “COMPLETED”,“delay_duration”: “PT168H”,“source_type”: “CARD”,“card_details”: {“status”: “CAPTURED”,“card”: {“card_brand”: “VISA”,“last_4”: “8139”,“exp_month”: 7,“exp_year”: 2025,“fingerprint”: “sq-1-HPt6IRkCm9N_3txxCcAhWui2_7EdM_DyxulleWM5TfHhEqBAVbtF9tOo7smv0ACtyw”,“card_type”: “CREDIT”,“prepaid_type”: “NOT_PREPAID”,“bin”: “448213”},“entry_method”: “ON_FILE”,“cvv_status”: “CVV_NOT_CHECKED”,“avs_status”: “AVS_ACCEPTED”,“auth_result_code”: “218704”,“statement_description”: "SQ BATATA",“card_payment_timeline”: {“authorized_at”: “2021-11-01T13:57:09.080Z”,“captured_at”: “2021-11-01T13:57:09.283Z”}},“location_id”: “4GPZNARC0JFB8”,“order_id”: “DMSLPC0lF7h9URf3WHpNtT90Ry5YY”,“risk_evaluation”: {“created_at”: “2021-11-01T13:57:09.222Z”,“risk_level”: “NORMAL”},“customer_id”: “R00ZMKHV6CSWV6CSGEEFNXAW5M”,“total_money”: {“amount”: 2177,“currency”: “USD”},“approved_money”: {“amount”: 2177,“currency”: “USD”},“receipt_number”: “Dz1y”,“receipt_url”: “","delay_action”: “CANCEL”,“delayed_until”: “2021-11-08T13:57:08.517Z”,“application_details”: {“square_product”: “ECOMMERCE_API”,“application_id”: “sq0idp-h-Lx7P_H6lK3UYnRkzj3vw”},“version_token”: “eKHhesy9H8aM0OjzlktH5SXIUdDNZcxFP10JjyACZ4y6o”}}
ResponseAt: 11/1/2021 9:57:24 AM

Hi @Bryan-Square,

Kindly let me know if additional information is needed to investigate this order? I’m happy to place additional orders if that will expedite the process.

We have multiple clients onboarding with our Square integration each week so the sooner we can get to the bottom of this the better.

I seem to be mistaken with how the app_fee_money behaves with refunds :flushed:. A seller can initiate a refund using the Square Seller Dashboard or a mobile application. However, there is no way for a seller to specify the app_fee_money when using the Square Seller Dashboard or a mobile application. Square splits the refund cost proportionately.

Could you kindly confirm the process of refunding a fee without the use of the developer account when the refund comes from Square Dashboard or POS?

Would any such API, or method to determine the refund fee, be available for this situation? Similar to how we handle this through the API

I can confirm that if a refund is initiated from the Dashboard or the POS the fee will be refunded. There isn’t currently a way to set the refund fee when they are refunded through the Dashboard or the POS. That is only available with the API at this time. :slightly_smiling_face: