Is there any proof of refund that customer can use to check with bank?

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One customer complained with us today, saying that he didn’t receive the refunded amount after 7 business days (since the refund status changed to COMPLETED), although later he noticed he already received the refunded amount actually, he just missed that somehow when he checked his transaction history at the beginning…

Based on the fact we can’t see the the transaction history of customer’s card, is there any proof or something (such as the transaction id between square and bank, etc) that we can provide customer, so that customer can know what we should do have been done properly, and also he can use to check with bank directly?
Just in case the customer checks with the bank directly, the bank would still need some transaction id, etc. to know which payment/refund exactly the customer is talking about.


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Refunds API
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When you refund a payment, Square creates a PaymentRefund object and returns it in the response. This object includes a unique refund ID, the payment ID of the original payment, and the status of the refund. You can provide this information to the customer as proof of the refund. The customer can then use this information to check with their bank. However, please note that the actual time it takes for the refund to appear in the customer’s account can depend on the bank’s processing times, which can sometimes take 7-10 business days.

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