Determine which items were returned in a Refund

I am trying to determine if there is anyway to map which items were returned in a Refund via the v2 API using the Payments and Orders endpoints.

If you look at the data returned in a v2-Refunds request, the only information related to the items returned is the Order-ID.

If you then make a request for an Order and look at the returned json data, there is nothing that shows which specific items in an order were returned, only a returned amount.

Does anyone know a way to map the returned items to a refund?

Hi @averhagen welcome to the forums!

Can you share some of the order_ids in question? The Orders API should be able to show which items were refunded if the refund was done by item (and not by amount).


Sorry, I figured out the problem had to do with an internal process not saving the “returns” object to our internal mongo database.