Facing Problem In Square Refund API in Sandbox Environment (API v2)

Hi, I am a square developer.
And i had implemented square refunds via Refund API in sandbox environment. After implementation everything was running fine. but recently i am getting problem in Refund API (Sandbox Environment). The problem is sometime i do refund it works and sometime it doesn’t and gave me the exception.
The exception details are following:
Can you help me first happening with me?
I mean on same payment i try to refund it fails and in second attempt its working.

Thanks for sharing this information. I’m actually not sure why this error would occur, so I’ve pinged our Payments team to investigate. I will follow up once I have more information from them.

okay. I am waiting for your confirmation.

Following up here, we believe the issue has been resolved. Can you test this again and let me know if it’s still failing?