Testing in Production / Refunds

It has been mentioned that refunds are a way to reverse any ‘test’ charges in Production. Does Square have any published guidance around any possible volume/rate limits on refunds? Or is this even a concern for Square? I’ve not really found anything in the Developer Terms of Service (Developer Terms of Service) nor the General Terms of Service (General Terms of Service) nor this forum. I am looking to avoid any issues wherein an account could get suspended for breaching some unknown(?) limit(s) or flagged as fraudulent for too many one cent charges/refunds for example.

I imagine card issuers may have an interest here as well, but that would be outside of Square’s bailiwick perhaps(?)

Of course, one would want to do the bulk of their testing in Sandbox, but ultimately the rubber is going to have meet the road in Production.


We don’t publish any limits on refunds but the behavior is definitely monitored. How much testing are you looking to do in production? :slightly_smiling_face:

As little as possible to be sure.

You have mentioned this approach before, so I was interested if there existed any documentation regarding such. I understand Square not wanting to document various subjects as that then commits you to certain things and anytime real money is involved, I do think you have to be conservative in your actions whether it be to protect your systems, infrastructure, security, intellectual property, etc.

Another reason I ask is for others who might be wondering about the same.


Okay, yes you are correct. There isn’t any documentation around testing in production cause the idea is to test in sandbox then move to production. However there are several instances where testing in production is required. When testing these scenarios in production theres no way to flag them as tests since its the production behavior thus no additional documentation about testing in production. :slightly_smiling_face: