Refund failed with msg 'The sale order tender had insufficient remaining funds to be refunded'

Dear Team,

In production env, we made a card payment of total $74.56 (amount $30.56 and tips $44), the card payment is completed and success, later when we tried refunding tips $39.56 via refund API, we got error code BAD_REQUEST with msg ‘The sale order tender had insufficient remaining funds to be refunded’, however we have checked our bank account balance and it’s sufficient for the refund, could you please help to check why this error occurred?

below is the info about the payment and refunds we’ve tried:

  • application id: sq0idp-X5g7B-QAtnOvyEFik1fuSg
  • payment id: r9ilrYmJoEcMBJPYavJlugggUpQZY
  • refund id: (we tried refunding a few times with slightly different amounts, all of them got the same error)
    • r9ilrYmJoEcMBJPYavJlugggUpQZY_6kqqNpDiADcg7zhqOmyOkXnUkDcXIEI9x4jnfrX6YuP
    • r9ilrYmJoEcMBJPYavJlugggUpQZY_XXF0AYO6uZOKM0toLBVnVfJXoFlgYHWtP7ylwt51UYX
    • r9ilrYmJoEcMBJPYavJlugggUpQZY_N5P25C3pOpJ8FyuvpzDnXXmJmE5swyyEIISnIQG901D
    • r9ilrYmJoEcMBJPYavJlugggUpQZY_kF2w1IFf4aqfXHNOITCIu9Pkwxsedq2tZIBYZEj2QRB
    • r9ilrYmJoEcMBJPYavJlugggUpQZY_rJ6n8qWgBUmKKM6EGOuPhn1OZwSXFcO2S89nPZfu7AO

Thanks & Best Regards,
Alfred Luan

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Dear Team, @Bryan-Square

It will be highly appreciated if you can help to look into it as soon as possible, we notice all locations with different bank accounts are in this situation now.

Dear Team,

Any update please?
Since one week has passed and there is still no news, it would be helpful if you could share anything.


The team is working on a broader fix for the issue but this payment is now refundable. :slightly_smiling_face:

hi Bryan,

Thanks for update.

We have successfully refunded the payment (idr9ilrYmJoEcMBJPYavJlugggUpQZY) mentioned in my post.

However there are still another two payments (id 3DgEXGIUoHYJ4id2mzWFz35UwZTZY and DBaNwY1bj8gWBy8yblbaSxOcwhRZY) are still experiencing the same issue, could you please let us know when it can be fully fixed, so that we can refund the two.

The team is taking a look. :slightly_smiling_face:

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These payments have been fixed now by the team and can be refunded now. :slightly_smiling_face:

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The issue happens again on square production env, on the same application but different location this time, could you please help to check?

application id: sq0idp-X5g7B-QAtnOvyEFik1fuSg
location id: L6V9HTMB5VZMQ
payment id: XLCLTFyROUgIxVrr4W2DByORuVJZY
refund id (for the same payment):

  • XLCLTFyROUgIxVrr4W2DByORuVJZY_ad1AMbRhCepHdD6AYx8q0qzUg4uzsjxJHKx8j6S7MAS

The team is looking into the issue. :slightly_smiling_face:

The team has fixed the payment. You’ll be able to refund the payment now. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks so much for the prompt help


The issue happens again on square production env, may i have your help please?

application id: sq0idp-X5g7B-QAtnOvyEFik1fuSg
location id: L6V9HTMB5VZMQ
payment id: 5C9BUJ37gg1neWEMOAHd976FnKZZY
refund id: 5C9BUJ37gg1neWEMOAHd976FnKZZY_ogG0wY49AW6bYlqpTmou2Otqm1fWjcsuKn0E3lMA8VR

Dear Team,

Any update please?
As this issue is still happening twice, I guess the root cause is not fully resolved, so I removed the solution mark on this topic.

If the root cause is resolved, please let me know, we need to keep an eye on each refund initiated in prod env before it’s full resolved, thanks for your kindly understanding.

This payment is able to be refunded now and a fix for the overall issue has gone out. :slightly_smiling_face: