Order not arriving at KDS

Posting it here instead of slack in case it helps someone in the future:

Hi, one customer is getting their order in online ordering part POS, but not printing on the KDS. Is there a particular setting that I need to enable for it to print on the KDS as well?
The KDS of the shop is printing other orders coming from other apps, but not from our app.
Order ID: OEsVGHcxqpcwbv2M3ZWHOXzqAPKZY
The KDS is prep
All settings for orders that arrive to the KDS are turned on: all POS orders, all online orders….

thank you :slight_smile:

Looks like from the time the order was created the prep time exceeded when the order was scheduled to be picked up. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you, @Bryan-Square

So I have this setting, is this correct? Why would the prep time exceeding the order pick up date make an order not arrive at the KDS but it arrives at the POS?

"auto_complete_duration": "P0DT0H18M15S",
"pickup_window_duration": "P0DT0H5M15S",
"prep_time_duration": "P0DT0H13M15S",

for this order: YhSygs133TvGyJAGcpiuwW3UcFAZY

Hi @Bryan-Square :slight_smile:
I changed the API for creating orders and it’s still only arriving at the POS and not on the KDS. It only arrives at the POS.

Order ID: ScdyNiHU7AKiS3K0q072ii4iBwKZY

Below are screenshots of the API call:

thank you and so sorry for annoying you with this :slight_smile:

Is the KDS logged in to the right location? :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes, logged in to the right location. The orders arrive at the POS (Square app) but not on the KDS, they use doordash and other apps and it works fine for them :man_facepalming:

I’m checking with the team. I haven’t been able to replicate with your exact order structure and paying the order with PayOrder. Also the Payments API now allows for $0 payments. Wondering if you use CreatePayment to pay for the order if that works? :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you for looking into it deeper @Bryan-Square, as always very appreciated!

We use the CreatePayment to pay for the order and it’s $0.

Is there something else I could try doing to get it to work?

I could only see a similar case in the seller community with the restaurant KDS, which is not the case of this store.

Attaching below our createPayment API call

That’s a PayOrder call not a CreatePayment call. :slightly_smiling_face:

Would it be possible to get a screenshot of the KDS settings to see what the configuration is? :slightly_smiling_face:

According to the team the KDS has Uncategorized Items off in the settings. If the seller enables that does it show? :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi Bryan,

The Create Payment does not work in this case because the order amount is 0 (zero) and it won’t allow this value.

I attach a pic of the orders section of the KDS (taken during a facetime troubleshooting call)

I removed the images cause it contained an access token. We recommend recycling that access token. All the other values are safe to share. It just the access token you never want to share.

The $0 payment failed because you charged in EUR which does have a minimum of €1. You can process a $0 payment if its USD. I get now why your using PayOrder.

If uncategorized items is toggled on then the order should push to the device. Do they have other another device they can try it with?

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Thanks for removing the image!

I just tested a CreatePayment with a USD order that was $0 and it also returned the error saying the value was too low. (order id qcJVAv4DtTokXnEJEi9LSO3LIRcZY )

They don’t have another device to try it, but should I ask them to uninstall the app and install it again?

Hmm, I’ll look into that payment.

Yeah, lets try uninstalling and reinstalling the app. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi @Bryan-Square :slight_smile: just checking if you were able to find some issue with the payment.

The business will try installing and uninstalling the KDS app again tomorrow just in case

No, there’s not issue with the payment or the order. They should be going to the KDS if everything is configured on the KDS correctly. :slightly_smiling_face: