Order is not printing square stand (iPad) but present in the new order section. Is there any wrong with my order object?

Order is not printing square stand but present in the new order section.Is there any wrong with my order object?

I’m trying to make the order via using Node JS api and It’s worked. My order was created and payment was successful and also present in the new order section on my iPad. But this order is not printing.

Is there any wrong with my order object can u guys check this, please? Thanks

This is my code implementation:-

  // Make an order
  async createOrder(req: Request, res: Response) {
    try {
      appLogger.info("Create order start");
      const ordersApi = this.client.ordersApi;
      const createOrderRequest: OrderDto = req.body;
      const order = squareOrderCreateRequestBody(createOrderRequest);
      const createPaymentRequest: PaymentDto = req.body;
      const response = await ordersApi.createOrder(order);
      if (response.result) {
        appLogger.info("Order create success");
        const isPayed = await this.makePayment(
        return res
            serializeBigInts({ order: response.result.order, payment: isPayed })
    } catch (error) {
      appLogger.error(`Error make order:", ${error}`);
      return handleError({ error }, res);
import {
} from "square";
import { v4 as uuidv4 } from "uuid";
import { OrderDto } from "../modules/square/dto/order.dto";

export function squareOrderCreateRequestBody(
  dto: OrderDto
): CreateOrderRequest {
  const order: CreateOrderRequest = {
    order: {
      locationId: dto.locationId,
      referenceId: `ref-${uuidv4()}`,
      customerId: dto.customerId,
      lineItems: dto.lineItems.map((product: OrderLineItem): OrderLineItem => {
        return {
          quantity: product.quantity,
          catalogObjectId: product.catalogObjectId,
          basePriceMoney: {
            amount: BigInt(product.basePriceMoney.amount),
            currency: "AUD",
            product?.modifiers?.length > 0 &&
            product?.modifiers?.map((modifier) => {
              return {
                catalogObjectId: modifier.catalogObjectId,
                quantity: modifier.quantity,
                basePriceMoney: {
                  amount: BigInt(modifier.basePriceMoney.amount),
                  currency: "AUD",
      fulfillments: dto.lineItems.map((item: OrderLineItem): Fulfillment => {
        return {
          type: "PICKUP",
          state: "PROPOSED",
          pickupDetails: {
            recipient: {
              displayName: dto.customerId,
            //expiresAt: "2019-02-14T20:21:54.859Z",
            //autoCompleteDuration: "P0DT1H0S",
            //scheduleType: "SCHEDULED",
            pickupAt: "2023-10-20T23:59:33.123Z",
            note: "Pour over coffee",
    idempotencyKey: uuidv4(),
  return order;

If it’s showing in the Order Manager and not printing then there is something wrong with the printer configuration on the Stand or the Printer itself. You should instruct the seller to start printer troubleshooting. :slightly_smiling_face:

@Bryan-Square Thank you very much. Can I have any instruction document for this, please? I did some search but can’t find anything.

Yes, here are the support articles for printer troubleshooting. :slightly_smiling_face: