Order API combinations for getting certain order statuses

In the order console within stripe, you can filter by things like “New”, “In Progress”, “Active”, “Ready”, etc.

Is there somewhere in the docs for the Orders API (that I might be missing) that detail what combo of filters and fulfillment statuses are equivalent to those overall statuses?

I need to get all of them.

Additionally, Is there any part of the API that allows me to get which sources are currently available on the account? I’d rather not parse JSON data to only get the available ones at the time.

I’m using the Ruby SDK currently

With SearchOrders you can filter orders by with the SearchOrdersFulfillmentFilter. The filter will allow you to pull in orders with specific states your application needs. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hey Brian,

I think I didnt explain this clear enough, my bad. I’m aware of the docs for the API, as you have mentioned and have read the documentation, but the documentation isnt clear enough for me to mentally map one status to some of the statuses seen in the screenshot below.

Ultimately, I need to be able to map all of the statuses seen in the screenshot the correct params in the API docs, so I can make a call correctly and be confident i’m only getting back what I expect.

So like, “new” = some fulfillment status
and “in progress” = some other fulfillment status.