Getting the order status

Good morning / evening.

How do I get this status?

I can’t seem to find it anywhere in the Order Model returned when using $response = $this->client->getOrdersApi()->batchRetrieveOrders($body);
I can’t seem to see anywhere in the docs that also have this, well, not that I have read yet anyway


Does anyone know the answer to this?
Have I missed something very obvious?

This is the last piece I need to complete this integration, otherwise its kinda useless to use for our needs


Apologies we missed this!

So, the root Order has a state field which can be OPEN, COMPLETED, or CANCELED. The fulfillment within an order also has a state field, which can be PROPOSED, RESERVED, PREPARED, COMPLETED, CANCELED, or FAILED. They are not the exact statuses that you see on the dashboard (since you can already tell there’s no “In Progress” state), but they will theoretically match. I believe “In Progress” would be “Reserved”.

Fulfillment state can be seen here:

Thanks mate.

Would that mean prepared would be shipped / ready to pickup, and then completed meaning ‘completed’?

Yes, that should be the case.