Online orders that are paid for and have fulfillment do not get delivered to the iPad at the store


Occasionally, some of the orders that seem to have everything needed to be delivered to the iPad and printed out in the kitchen do not get delivered. This doesn’t happen frequently, but does happen on occasion. For example, today a few orders were processed but one was not delivered to the iPad and kitchen printer.

app id - sq0idp-Fj401tlEkvy9ZEeo8NEkEQ
order id - X117QXE4RZvvKCBClYuFHc1SEvVZY

please let me know what went wrong with this order as I can’t find any errors on my backend.

thank you

That order (X117QXE4RZvvKCBClYuFHc1SEvVZY) does not have any payments associated with it, so it’s still unpaid. Unpaid orders will not push to Square POS.

Just looked through the response I got from Square for this payment for the order I mentioned above and you are right, the payment for this order is not associated with the order, but the issue here is that the only way the payment page is opened is with an appended orderId, and 19 out of 20 orders that go through the same flow have payments associated with respective orders. Would it be possible for you to see what kind of request your server received for the payment id v3Clwb4IftjFdGQ1ChCJ6X6RPVDZY?
Thank you

No order_id was passed to us on this particular request. I see:

request=source_id: "[FILTERED]" idempotency_key: "d6dc6135cbd0c90d0518d707237dba85b038abd10607" amount_money { amount: 1364 currency: CAD } autocomplete: true