Loyalty API error "Invalid order_id"

I know the Loyalty API is still in beta, but I’m running into an error when trying to accumulate points based on an order_id. I have a feeling it may have something to do with the sandbox being used for the orders, but the loyalty isn’t showing in my sandbox account dashboard. It is however showing in my default test account’s production page.

I do have a list of loyalty customers with id’s and it doesn’t throw an error there, but it does with the order_id.

Below is one of the test loyalty accounts I created. Below that is what my dashboard says in the sandbox dashboard (where I set up the loyalty account). I can do manual points but I think there’s a disconnect between the sandbox’s loyalty program and the sandbox’s order system. I can access the loyalty information in the API Explorer but it doesn’t show up in the dashboard.

There was an issue on our side with orders used in Loyalty API. The issue was resolved as of this morning; can you please confirm if you’re still seeing this issue?

Looks like its fixed. Thank you!

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